Sunday 26 August 2012

Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block

   So as a first pattern that I am going to document on here, I decided to take the one I was currently working on! A -surprisingly- free pattern straight from Ravelry

Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block - Dahlia (See here for Ravelry page)
by: Joyce Lewis
(Pattern look)

   I had some leftover pink yarn that I wanted to put to good use, so I decided to give this a shot! I had seen the crocodile stitch before, a lot in the latest Crochet Today magazines. I am glad that I finally decided to learn it! It is a very simple, and extremely cute stitch! Here is the tutorial that helped me to learn the crocodile stitch:

For those that prefer reading the crocodile stitch pattern, the procedure is mentioned throughout the flower square pattern, so no worries!
   The pattern is community made and did take some getting used to, as you can see, I had no idea where I was going with it for the first hour or so!

As soon as I realised where exactly I was supposed to start,
 and where I was supposed to end, things went better!

After that,everything else was quite similar and it all
came together like a charm, it only took a couple of minutes!

Only needed to fold the petals backwards , rinse and repeat,
easy! And I noticed here, that the flower alone would be a nice
decoration to almost any project!

Here is my final look. (I apologise for the picture quality)

   My original plan was to make a small lunch bag that I could bring to work, would have consisted of one afghan block on each side, with my Color B (brown) , continuing the square pattern around the flower in order to make it bigger. However, I am having second thoughts, I will leave it alone for now!
To sum it up, the written pattern was hard to understand at times, but the result is very worth it, this is a simple way to get a beautiful flower effect, worthy of any kind of decorating! :) Definitely a favourite!
P.-S. I would have taken much more pictures but I had no idea
 I was going to document it! Will do much better with the upcoming patterns!
Thank you for reading!
Lily <3

Saturday 25 August 2012

First, Chain 6! (Introduction)

   Needless to say that this blog is going to be about crocheting ! Well, I also do the occasional knitting, and plan on starting to sew as well, but those are details! So here are things I expect to be posting onto here:
  • Links to patterns, helpful videos or tutorials
  • My own patterns, tryouts, step by step tutorials
  • Pattern language help, signs pattern help
  • Pictures of projects, my own or outstanding ones of the community
  • Findings, anything and everything interesting concerning yarn crafts
  • Ideas
  • Wishlists
  • Tips and tricks, advice
  • Anything else I can think of!
   I am only an intermediate crocheter at my best, but it's all a big learning experience! I want to help anyone who needs it, I will expect to help my friends mostly, but I do hope I get new faces to contact me and give me feedback!